24 July, 2010

The Weekly Catch-Up

Last night I made what I consider kind of boring. We'll keep this one small.an “all American” style meal. Those are Gardien BBQ skewers, riced potatoes and the corn from the CSA. It was super-filling and I felt kind of hyper after eating all of those carbs in one go but Mr. Crow really seemed to like it. mmmm.


So, I’m sure you saw all that lovely squash we got. I wasn’t really sure quite what to do with it all since we never really ate a whole lot of it growing up that wasn’t breaded and fried. This is what I came up with:

I made some “sausage” from a package of tempeh I had in the fridge (see Vegan With a Vengeance for the recipe), then I took a vegetable peeler and sliced a yellow squash and a zucchini into ribbons and sautéed it over very high heat just until it was cooked a little. I poured arribiata sauce over all of it an called it dinner! Another winner with Mr. Crow but I kept biting my lip (TMJ) so I didn’t enjoy myself very much.

A squash application that I REALLY really liked was my zucchini bread except I used used yellow squashes instead of zucchini.(Is that right? “squashes”? “Squash” is a funny word. squash squash squash) I also used Ener-G instead of eggs and I left out the nuts because Mr. Crow is not a fan.

I couldn't even manage a picture of the full loaf before I started eating it. . .

. . . let alone a full slice!

I forgot to take a picture of today’s haul because I was preoccupied with getting the periphery grocery shopping and cleaning done but I’ll take pictures as I go along instead so don’t feel deprived, okay!

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