11 July, 2010

Blueberry Muffin-Bread Thing

The hardest part was waiting until it was cool to cut it.

Well, I used up about 25% of my blueberries on this magnificent bread/muffin. I still have SO MANY left but I don’t mind, I might just make 2 of this sweet baby.

I found this recipe but I had to make a change because I ran out of Earth Balance. So, instead of EB I used canola oil and only 3 of the 4 ounces called for. If you’re going to go this route drizzle the oil in a little at a time while using a fork to mix/fluff/chop up the bigger crumbs of oil until the mixture looks like home made breadcrumbs. If it comes together before you add it all STOP! If you think it needs more, go for it. Just remember you’re going for breadcrumbs.

The recipe is really straightforward except for a few things for those of us here in America. A lot of the ingredients are given in weight, which is fine if you have a kitchen scale but the amount of berries it called for was a unit of measure I’d never heard of: the punnet. So, for those of you who may go on to try this recipe, a punnet of blueberries is 150 grams. YEAY!

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