12 April, 2010

Tiggers Definitely Do NOT Like Fiddlehead Ferns

. . . And i was so excited, too. I saw these babies at Whole Foods yesterday and decided I should try and check off another thing on my “List ‘O Things To Eat Before I Die” – which I should probably write out one of these days.

Anyway, I got this little container, brought them home, washed them, sautéed them in Earth Balance, and tossed them with some fettuccini. After adding a little salt and pepper I called it “done” thinking, “If the Vegan Yum Yum Lady says “lightly sautéed” is the way to go then so goeth I.”

Perhaps, as the produce man said, these were nearing the end of their days, or, perhaps, the ones I picked were too big or something but, man, were these things bitter. It’s entirely possible that I’m just a bitter-wimp but I did not enjoy this culinary experience at all.

Ah well, the morel mushrooms, although a tad on the gritty side, weren’t so bad so I guess this Spring’s harvest wasn’t a total loss.

As a side note, I ate a French Trumpet mushroom at a local Vegan restaurant (that will get more press later) and it was positively divine! Someday I’ll cook some to show you.

Furthermore, this post will include a little adventure as well:

Here’s a picture of an amazing looking tomato I saw at the grocery store. If I liked tomatoes I’d have bought it on the spot just so I could say I’d eaten it.

Nature is weird.

Here’s a picture of the dinner Mr. Crow made:

YUM! See my cute cheese shaker?

Sorry for the even-worse-than-usual photos but I was using my phone. . . . It’s sundried tomatoes (Yes, I know I said I didn’t like tomatoes but these are different!) sautéed in olive oil then tossed with farfalle and fresh basil. We topped this with my favorite pasta sprinkle (1/2 cup pecans. 1/4 c nooch, and 1T salt. Whiz that in your food processor until it looks like parmesan. THE END!)

And, to top it all off, Here’s a picture of me and a happy fish at the aquarium store. If you look really close on the left you can see Mr. Crow’s chin.

How could you have a bad day with this guy to cheer you up?


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