04 April, 2010

I Have Been Lazy and That’s no Excuse

So I’m not being lazy anymore!

Actually, I was busy making sure that I would graduate this month and starting my new job. I feel like those were worthy pursuits so please don’t judge me too harshly. Also, now that I’m in the swing of things There should be many a post a’coming.

The joy of my life right now is the Vegan Yum Yum cook book I got from the library. I STRONGLY urge you to go and pick it up with all haste. I’m planning on hoarding this copy as long as I can until I can afford to buy my own. THANK YOU COLUMBUS METROPOLITAN LIBRARY!

Tonight’s dinner selection is the creamy tomato soup with vegan grilled cheese sammies.

Grilled Rice-Cheese Sammie Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup: Classic.

OH man. These were SO GOOD! I got some vegan rice cheese singles from the grocery store and buttered the bread with Earth Balance. Rice cheese is WAY better than tofu cheese. It’s got a slightly grainy texture but, to me, it’s better than the wet texture that the tofu kind has when it melts.

I think the soup would have been better if I had better blender options. currently it’s the food processor (wrong tool for the job) or my stick blender which is not especially thorough. So, in the end the soup was, how do i say it, a little more textured than it was supposed to be. That aside, however, it was the best darn tomato soup I’ve ever had. It was vaguely Indian in it’s spicing as opposed to the Italian style that most people around here offer. I liked that better because the Italian seasoned kind makes me feel  like I’m eating a mug of pizza sauce.

Other recipes from the Vegan Yum Yum book that i tried before I had to return it were the Barley Risotto, The Pasta Grematola (outstanding), and some tofu, snow pea, peanut sauce thing that was AMAZING. I feel like I made more but I took the book back to the library and I erased the menu and I didn’t take pictures and and and. .  . just go get it and try everything. (^.^)

And, for those of you who are wondering, the vegan cat food did not go over well. . . .not at all. I seriously believe I tried everything they suggested and the cats were just not having it. I can’t bring myself to force my cats to eat food that they hate and that goes against their very nature as carnivores simply to satisfy my selfish desire to make myself happy by disconnecting myself from the factory-farm machine. That’s the end of it.

Mr. Crow’s mother sent us some presents yesterday too! LOOK!

These were marketed for autumn but I'm gonna use 'em every day! 

Here are my cute new salt and pepper shakers frolicking amidst the basil. Yeay!



Here is the cool fruit I got at the store on Friday:muscat grapes and strawberries kiwi berries. . like kiwis but not.





Don't imagine me wearing just this to cook you perv!



And, finally here is my cute new apron, also compliments of Mr. Crow’s Mom.




Okay, That’s all for now.

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