14 April, 2010

A Little Joan Jett & Some Sunshine Helped Me Germinate

After graduating college I had to do some serious thinking. I’d been cast adrift in an ocean of relatively limitless opportunity and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had a BA in Sociology, a really beautiful bracelet that my dad bought me to commemorate my success and a nominal student loan to show for myself. Although these things were my badges of honor they really didn’t provide any kind of direction. Thus, I was left on my own to contemplate my future and find a job somewhere that, supposedly, will fulfill me in some way other than strictly in the finance department.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a great friend who needed help at work. Mr. Mc (of potluck fame) just had a person disappear from his place and was kind enough to suggest that I work there with him. I was positively ecstatic to have found a full-time job only a week after graduating. I’ve been working there for two-ish weeks now and I rather like it. I get to talk to people all day, my coworkers are all interesting and nice, and the hours aren’t bad. The only trouble is I have this feeling like I’m not supposed to be there. It’s strange because I like it and I’m as good as I can be at something I’ve only done for two-ish weeks. . . something is just telling me, “this is not the place for you”. This nagging feeling drove me to fill out more of my Monster profile yesterday. I was trucking along filling out this and that until I came to the question about what my dream job was. I had no idea. I knew I wanted it to be something I felt was important, something that made a difference—even a tiny one. the trouble i ran into was: how do I define what is really important to me and put that in the contest of a job?

Which brings me to today when I was thinking about what my ideal life would be. I’d have a sunny little house with lots of plants, some chickens, and a backyard farm. My work would be educating folks on the personal and environmental benefits of backyard/window farming and being vegetarian. This little fantasy is all well and good but I don’t quite know how to wrangle into an actual career. So now, I’m planning on planning.

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