04 April, 2010

“I Will Survive In My Mock Pho! In My Mock Pho, I Will Survive! Yeah! Yeah!” or “Fe Fi Faux Pho”

Hehehehe. . I crack myself up.

Anyway, for lunch today I made a vegan noodle soup after the style of a Vietnamese soup we used to eat at the North Market. . . you know, before.

You’ll need :

Rice noodles

Vegetarian Hoisin

Siracha Sauce

Some broth (I used Better Than Bouillon's No Chicken Base)

Wedge of lime/ lime juice

Thai basil (i didn’t have any but you should have it)

Mung bean sprouts (i didn’t have any of these either, oh well)


Follow the package directions to prepare the noodles.

Meanwhile, heat your kettle to make the broth.red= siracha, brown=hoisin, orange= better than bouillion, green= lime juice

I make this soup a lot (a lot) So I can eyeball the amounts of the hoisin, siracha, and lime juice that I like but I recommend serving this to first-timers as they do at the Market with the wedge of lime, basil, hoisin, sprouts, and siracha on the side.

Once the noodles are cooked and the kettle is whistling lunch is pretty much ready. Add appropriate amounts of noodles and broth to your bowl and then doctor it as you see fit with aforementioned the condiments.

pho, a long, long way to ruuun! (I got a million of 'em!)



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