18 April, 2010

Days Off Are For Cooking Food!

Today was great! Mr. Crow and i had the day off together! We kicked off our extravaganza of unity by watching the latest episode of Dr. Who and marinating tofu. Thrilling, I know. For breakfast we made the Tofu Benny (or as Mr. Crow calls it “n’eggs Benedict”)from Vegan Brunch. I changed it up a little by adding Yves Veggie Ham and Sautéed spinach. I just used about a cup of frozen spinach for two servings and tossed in a little of the tofu marinade for flavor. Check out this sweet picture Mr. Crow took:


The only thing I didn’t care for was, for lack of a better word, the snotty-ness of the “hollandaise” sauce. It’s possible that I added too much arrowroot powder in the process of halving the recipe but i don't think so. Look for an update on my own version of this sauce in the future!

After doing some grocery shopping for the upcoming week, Mr. Crow ran me a bubble bath and baked me these cookies!

Me love cookie!!





This brings us to dinnertime. We dropped off our recycling, bought some original flavored Sunchips, and calculated the amount of money we’d need to save each month to buy a house by the time I turn 30. Meanwhile, dinner pretty much made itself. We threw some Zataran’s Dirty Rice into the rice cooker, reheated the left-over haricots verts with some crushed garlic, salt, and pepper in some olive oil, and microwaved our first taste of Gardein. Although I didn’t love it, I definitely would eat it again. For a quick protein thingy to toss into a meal, it was decent and that’s all we were looking for. Take a look:

Hot and Steamy. . . or the ghosts of vegetables?

Check out the amazing steam that Mr. Crow captured “on film”. Looks pretty good, huh? He’s my official photographer, now, in case you were wondering.

In other news, since I’ve been out of school my eyes have been craving the sensation of zipping across a field of black and white. Add this to the information that I may have found my “calling” and you have the perfect book-worm storm! My method is as follows:

Step one: visit Amazon and find a book on the subject I want — in this case, urban gardening – and find the books that people were interested in that book looked at.

Step two: type in all those book titles into the library search thing.

Step three: request all those book from the library

Step four: read them

It’s not an exact science, you know, but it works for me. I’ve got five or so books in my cue right now but I’ve only got two books in my possession at the moment: Gardens not Lawns and Fresh Foods From Small Places.

I also got Vegan Soul Kitchen after I saw it mentioned on the blog Vegan Dad. Pictures and comments are, of course, to follow.

Of course, on any trip to the library, like grocery shopping, you end up with a couple things that weren’t on your list. This Week’s extras include Water for Elephants and Bottomless Belly Button.

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