22 June, 2010

Strife in the Vegetal World

So, all this rain we’ve been having here in Ol’e Ohio has put the farm in jeopardy. So much so that we didn’t get our veggies this past Saturday. We still got fruit, however, and that was enough to satisfy me for now! I still had some things to work with anyway. . . like Swiss chard, for example!

Now, I mentioned that I was going to sauté is or whatever but, people, I’ll tell you, 2 pounds of sautéed Swiss chard is still a lot. Also, I latched on to the idea that i wanted to make a pie with it.

oh, I’m an idiot. I just deleted all my pictures. yep. sure did.

Well, that’ll teach me to leave all this blogging to the last minute, hu? Ah well. I can still post a picture of what I did today so you can have at least one! And, I feel like it’s quite good, as well. see:


This is a picture of my Cherry-Apricot Turnovers (Guess what my CSA fruits were) that I made this afternoon. Outside of being a pain and leaking fruity stuff all over my silpat, they turned out pretty good. They’re so ugly they’re almost embarrassing but they taste so good I may try to make them again.

I used the filling recipe from here and the turnover instructions from here. I didn’t follow them to a ‘T’ though. I just cut 4 strips from my phyllo and folded them like those paper footballs we used to make in 5th grade; you know the way. Anyway, give these a shot if you’re feeling up to it. . . or have extra phyllo in your fridge from making a GIANT spanakopita like I did!

Yeah, that’s what I did with all my Swiss chard. I used this recipe here. I also had Mr. Crow help me and make some tofu feta cheese from this recipe. . . . I replaced the eggs with Ener-G which I thought would help bind it all together but I feel like I should have left it out. It was pretty wet when it was done even cold. One good change I made was to put in some mozzarella style Daiya! Mmmmm, so creamy.

The only other thing I wanted to put a picture of was my dinner from two nights ago. I made the creamy tomato sauce from Vegan Yum Yum (delish!) and tossed that with some whole wheat linguini. this would have been fine on its own, I’m sure, but I was craving “chicken” parmesan so I made some breaded “chicken” cutlets with Gardein! They came frozen in a pack of four. I dipped the frozen pieces in soy milk, flour, soy milk, and panko and fried them in the stove top. Although I don’t have photographic evidence, take my word for it, they were golden brown and delicious.


Aaaand, that’s it for today. Sorry it’s not that exciting. I promise I won’t accidentally delete any more pictures!

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