02 June, 2010

Things: Bought & Made

I knew what I wanted for dinner, oh yes. I wanted Lauren Ulm’s Hurry-Up Alfredo sauce (check out her cool cook book!). Thus, Mr. Crow and I went to the Ol’e B&N to pick up a copy her much beloved cookbook. While there, I saw a copy of American Vegan Kitchen which was mentioned on the Vegan Dad blog (that rocks my socks) and a book called The Urban Vegan (which I happen to be) so, for whatever reason, like a girl possessed by the spirit of capitalism, I bought all 3 cookbooks. *sigh* Money may not be able to buy you happiness but a cookbook is a very close second, I dare say. So get ready for some recipe reviews and photos, kids!

The herb garden on my window sill got a little revamp, too. There was some scrap wood outside of our apartment so we snagged it and Mr. Crow made a brand new planter for the basil and sage. Sadly, the parsley did not get transplanted as it had strangled itself before the project was done. Ah well, it was the curly-leaf kind anyway.

New Planter! So Rustic!

It doesn’t look like much but it won’t blow over in the tremendous wind we’ve got up here on the 3rd floor and it has this rustic vibe that I really enjoy. Say what you will, but it was a labor of love.

In other news, Clean-Out-Your-Fridge-Freezer-And-Pantry Week is going rather well. All expired food is gone, leftovers are being defrosted and nommed, and the pantry is finally organized. All of this is in preparation for the day when we get to pick up our first installment of our Wayward Seed CSA! Yeay! It’s a real “advengetable”! This particular farm specializes in heirloom veggies so we’ll be getting things as yet uneaten by either of us! I can hardly wait, but I must. . .until the 12th. Pictures will follow along with recipes galore!

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