12 June, 2010

CSA Pickup 1

. . . But first, a little catch-up (yet again) regarding what we’ve been stuffing our faces with!

First up is the Seitan Katsu recipe from American Vegan Kitchen. I didn’t have seitan and I didn’t want to spend the time to make it so I used some tempeh I had lying around instead. I steamed it for 10 minutes and marinated it in in Better Than Bouillon's “Not Chicken” broth along with some poultry seasoning while Mr. Crow and I made the salad portion to go underneath. This was super delicious and I would definitely eat it again. We especially liked the tempeh fingers. The only thing we thought we’d do differently next time is to mix the katsu sauce right into the salad. We did this for the left-overs and it turned out great!

Crispy, cool, and delicious!

Next we have a n’egg salad sammie from my Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook. I’ve never had egg salad before and I didn’t really care for this. The only thing that made it edible for me was the extra veg I added to the sammie. Mr. Crow liked it alright, though. Takes a nice photo, though, hu?


And finally, What I’ve been calling my “farm stand pepperoni” pizza. This is my favoriete pizza creation to date. It had broccoli, carrots, red pepper, spinach, and onion all lightly sautéed in olive oil, some vegan pepperoni, and tomato sauce. Add to that the pizza seasoning from Penzy’s and a generous sprinkle of Daiya and you’ve got yourself one great pie. So good, in fact that it deserves a close-up.




And now, finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for:


So that’s our spread for the week. It includes (clockwise from the right) 8 tonnes of strawberries, 1 lb of Brioso coffee, lettuce, sage, radishes of some kind that I can’t recall, about 2 pounds of English peas and an equal amount of Swiss chard.

Here’s some of my clean berries:

   Beautiful Berreis!

We had straw-nana smoothies for breakfast!

mmm straw-nana

Also, Mr. Crow bought some local eggs at the Greener Grocer. LOOK! One is blue and slightly smaller than the rest!

Do you thnk a robin is missing its baby?   

I’ve got some exciting plans for my produce so stay tuned!

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