06 October, 2010

Let’s See What The Card Has For Us Today:

Well, firstly, it looks like a couple dinner recipes from last week. As you know I had a ton of tiny sweet peppers from the CSA. I had NO IDEA what to do with them since I’m not terribly in love with peppers. After poking around the internet for a while I found some bruschetta recipes but, of course, they call for cheese. But that got me thinking. A lot of times in sandwiches I like to substitute hummus for cheese because it satisfies the salty creamy thing that cheese likes to do. So, I ended up with this:

We ate a ton of this!

We took a baguette and sliced it up, brushed it with olive oil and then toasted them in the oven. Meanwhile We sautéed the peppers. then it’s just building them: toast, hummus, peppers, and a dash of paprika. yum-yum!


At some point after this I wanted breakfast and I wanted something hearty:


Behold The Breakfast Burrito! There’s scrambled tofu, red peppers, Daiya Cheddar, Gimmie Lean sausage, potato cubes, onions, Tofutti sour cream and hot sauce!! Yeah!!

Then there was this little gem:


This is a “before” picture of the vegan version of Giada’s Classic Lasagna. man I love this lasagna. I use the ricotta recipe from Vegan With a Vengeance and for the “mozzarella” on this one I used Sheese. I like Sheese quite a bit. It’s tangy and salty and, even though it’s not especially melty, it’s still pretty creamy. mmmm. Anyway, here’s an “after” picture:

We ate this lasagna for DAYS!

Next is the farms hare pickup:

Casaba melon, butternut squash, apples, pears, corn, haricot verts, sweet potatoes

So, the melon smelled too much like cantaloupe for me to try it. . . man, I hate cantaloupe. 

Here’s a picture of our Sunday brunch. I wasn’t hungry but Mr. Crow wanted pancakes. . . . he really, really did. He ate the whole batch by himself.

Peaches are the ones we froze earlier!

Typically, when we make pancakes we use the recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. they’re super easy and delicious!

Also, with all these apples lying around and Sunday being Appleween and all I decided to make apple butter and this apple pie:

better luck next time.

Yes, yes, it looks really good, thank you. HOWEVER! I used the wrong kid of apple for sure. The crust came out fab but the apples inside were still crisp and they released so much juice (even after sitting in sugar for 20 minutes before being put in the pie) that I had to dump it out. . . . the juice, not the pie. We still ate that.

The butternut squash got made into risotto:

We found the squash a but underdone in this recipe. i think we should have cut it smaller but it was still great and I’d eat it again. We substituted the parmesan with nooch and about a tablespoon of awase miso. That miso made a great addition and I’ll be adding it to creamy, “cheesy” dishes from now on.


peppers, concord grapes, swischard, apples, sweet potatoes, coffee, carnival squash

Here are some close-ups of the cooler elements of Saturday’s share:

Dig those purple peppers, man!

Curly like me!

Sunday we went to Cincinnati to have fun with my mom and her husband! It was great! We went to Ikea and Jungle Jim’s! What a day. Mr. Crow drove there and back so I got to get a TON of knitting done in the car and my life will never be the same. It was amazing to keep myself busy and not get car sick!

Here’s some pictures of some things we got:

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