13 October, 2010

The Great Cider Adventure

With this year’s farm share I’ve been getting apples. Big apples, smal apples, red apples, yellow apples. . . .I’ve been shoving them in drawers, in the fridge in bowls on shelves. . . pretty much anywhere i could put an apple I had one. With a literal bushel of apples squirreled away in my tiny kitchen I was seriously in need of room for, well, everything else.

Mr. Crow had since bottled his beer and, with all the larger equipment free, we decided to make some apple cider; hard apple cider! Here’s what we started with:

I used my apple corer/slicer tool to cut up each apple, tossed it into the Blendtek and made raw apple sauce. We then squeezed out all the juice using a small bag made out of bed sheet type material. Leaving us with 3 gallons of cider, and all this stuff:

ewwww gross






I pasteurized the cider, added champagne yeast and now it’s in a bucket in my closet.

More to come!

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