08 September, 2011

Pictures of the House!

We’re finally in the house, have been for a week now, really. I just got rid of about 1/2 my wardrobe, and a ton of other stuff and I feel much better.

Here’s the first few pictures I’ve taken. . .this is what we have to work with (hover for room info):

as you walk in from outside you see:


then, dining roomalt view of dining roomgoing upstairs:stairs!To the left:"sun room" used to be a deck. Straight ahead:bathroommore bathroom. Ahead (to the right)Joel's officeHard right:hallway to our bedroomRight again:guest roomOr keep going:our bedroom!

Turning back:view from our bedroom to the sunroom

You may have noticed that I too no pictures of the living room. I was surprised too. I was sure I had. ANYWAY, outside of a SUPER SECRET but amazingly awesome project in the bathroom, the living room is the BIG-DEAL thing we’re fixing up first.

Let me show you a picture of what the wallpaper looked like:

UGLY wall-paper in the livingroom

Horrible, right? I know. It’s gone now, don’t cry. So is the tan carpet. Here are some photos of us working on The Project:Here is Mr. Crow doing . .. something. . . I think he’s pulling staples out of the wood floors.


Here’s Mr. M and my Bro doing the same.


This is what it looked like after we tore off all the weird textured wall paper and removed the fuzzy left-over backing paper and scraped off as much of the other 3 layers of wall paper that still remained below. . . .


And look what I found near the bookshelf:


And THIS is what it looks like now. we scraped off all the rest of the wall paper that was harder to get off with razor blades, patched any holes in the plaster, and, as an added bonus, we used a heat gun to remove the MILLION layers of paint from the trim around the floor, windows, and doors.

Next, we’ll be sanding and staining the hardwood, painting over the bricks in the fireplace (Mr. Crow hates them), and painting the walls. . . we’ll be done someday.

We DID get one thing done that I’m happy about:


I bought this light on sale YEARS ago and I never had a place to put it. I kept it for some absurd reason and now it’s in my kitchen!

Now it’s time to bake brownies.

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