21 September, 2011

Bathroom Festivities!

Confession: I am in love with my bathroom. OH, yes I am. I have been dreaming of this color scheme in a bathroom since 2003. seriously.

I know there is a “thing” going on right now in bathroom décor where it’s supposed to be all spa-like and serene. I say “eff that!” because my bathroom kicks my butt every morning and every night and I love it!

In case you don’t remember, here is what it looked like before:


Okay, so, that’s that, never to be seen or heard from again. Now observe the AMAZINGNESS of my current bathroom!

Check out the awesome contrast between the towls and the orange paint!


Mr. Crow's Squid painting <3

So fresh and tropical

matilda curtains from IKEA

YEAY! I feel like having a party now, don’t you?

Just wait until you see the photos of the new living room!


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