07 August, 2011

Neil is Sick

This is making it very hard for me to enjoy the other successes in my life. . . .

I spent about a day glowing over the fact that the house appraisal came back better than we would have dared to wish.

Then Neil’s condition seemed to get worse. All information seems to point to pancreatitis. At first, when he came home from the hospital he seemed so happy and playful. He was definitely doing better. Exactly a week later, he seemed to back-slide. he was drooling all over the place and he threw up a little bit. So we trucked him back to the vet, who did some more tests, confirmed that some of the enzymes they look at are, indeed, elevated further, and gave me even more pills to give him. ugh.

So now, we’re giving him an appetite stimulant (mirtazepine), antibiotic (clavamox), Pepcid, and an anti-nausia medication (cerenia).

I also, while doing some internet research, came upon an interesting correlation. (You’ll notice that there are no pain relievers in the mix above.) We, for the first few days, were giving him some kind of pain relieving gel under his tongue daily. . . . but now we’re out and he’s feeling crappy again. I can’t help but think that the two are connected since the 8-10 websites I looked at list pain management in the list of symptoms that need to be addressed. 

Now my next step is to call the vet and see about getting something to assist Neil with whatever pain he might be in. It hard to tell with cats and Neil is so sweet and easy-going he probably wouldn’t complain about anything. . . . And it’s not like I can give him aspirin. Cat’s livers are funny things. Any people-type stuff could kill him.

The other big thing is getting him to eat and drink. I think/hope the pain relievers will help with this. However, in the mean time, the vet showed me how to give him electrolyte fluids under his skin. Mr. Crow can’t even be in the room when I do it. (wimp)

Ah, well. BGP, as my cousin likes to say.

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