23 January, 2011

Raw Food Day Two

Literally humming with energy. Yesterday it was a struggle to get out of bed, today it was a struggle to stay in so Mr. Crow could sleep in. . . . until 8:30.

mood: 10
energy: 10
hours of sleep: 9
Appx% of raw food consumed yesterday: 95%
notes: pasta craving is gone. Not especially hungry.

The only cooked food I ate yesterday was about an ounce of leftover tempeh in my Asian coleslaw salad. I had 2 green smoothies over the course of the day (mainly because I’m lazy).

Smoothie #2:

2 pears, cored and chunked
1 banana, broken up
1c frozen mango
1/2 head romaine

Interestingly, by mid-afternoon yesterday, I noticed an improvement to my energy levels. I was bopping through the library like I’d had a cup of tea. I even picked up some light reading for my free time which I haven’t done in quite some time. (It’s a book called Petty Magic by Camille DeAngelis)

I’m surprisingly thirsty this morning. Despite that, there is an appreciable improvement in my breath. Praise be!

I’ve been looking up recipes here and there on the internet and I’m sorely discouraged to find that most of the more delectable seeming recipes require a dehydrator. Sadness! Ah well. I’m certainly not going to buy an expensive piece of equipment that I don’t necessarily need before I pass month one. Although, home-made fruit leather is quite a draw. I’ll be sticking to what I can make in my blender/food processor for now. Cashew cheese is on my list as well as some energy bars (if I can find a non-dehydrated recipe). I’ll be sharing those with you, along with more green smoothie recipes as I try them out.

Today I head to the store for supplies. I’m looking toward my future trials with green smoothies with mixed feelings. As I mentioned during my farm share experience I’m not a huge fan of greens (I don’t like bitter anything). I feel like spinach will be fine but the kale/chard/collards in my smoothie may take some getting used to, to say the least.

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