24 January, 2011

Day Three. I think I’m Sold.

energy: 10
hours of sleep: 9
Appx% of raw food consumed yesterday: 100%
notes: Wasn’t very hungry yesterday.

yesterday was such a nice relaxing day. I was a little lazy in the morning and, instead of having another romaine lettuce smoothie I cheated and used Amazing Meal. YEAY CHOCOLATE! Got a few things from the library (yes I went again) like the following cookbooks:

Living Raw Food - Sarma Melngailis

Raw Food – Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen - Ani Phyo

(I also got The Mice Templar but that’s another story)

Also, from looking at the cookbooks I’d gotten and some of the pictures, Mr. Crow was inspired to buy us dehydrator after all. I was against it for a little while, being that it was only day two, but we’ve got TONS of canned fruit in the pantry that will have a better chance of getting eaten if it’s in roll-up form,  soooooo . . .yeah.

Having the dehydrator allowed me to chicken out on my kale smoothie I had planned for the morning. I made Kale crisps instead! These seem to be rather popular in the raw community for when you want a crunchy/salty/cheesy thing to munch. They even package them and sell them got REDICULOUSLY high prices! WOW! I can’t believe people would pay more than $0.50 for such a small amount of dehydrated seasoned kale. It’s a total rip-off. Anyway, I made mine beginning with these directions but I used Braggs, nooch, a little sea salt, and some sesame seeds for an Asian touch inspired by some seaweed crisps that I adore. When I’m hungry I’ll find out how I did.

I’ll also be making some cashew cheese to eat with peppers; a recipe from the book Living Raw Food will show me how. There will be pictures!

Anyway, it’s time for breakfast! I’m thinking I’ll be doing this one:

"man-nana smoothie"

2 mangos

2 bananas

several handfuls of spinach


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  1. The January 2011 614 Magazine has an article on Raw Eating and mentions a local woman who is a 'crusader' for the cause of raw. Thought you might be interested....