14 August, 2010

8 Days A Week (last Saturday through today)

If he comes to town I'm definately asking him to sign my book. . . . and totally geeking out.

I got this pretty thing at Whole Foods in the kids' toys section. I just coulnd't resist.

Last week's pick-up. That on the right is a 4.5 pound cantaloupe.

We also bought a couple eggplant and some sweet Italian red peppers

Duckies in the pond at Gooddale Park. I can see why Renoir was into this stuff. Do you see the dragonfly? The symbol of enlightenment. wow. yeah.  Mr. Crow found out they were poisioning the rats that live in the park. sad. rock wall neat plants The view from the bench I was sitting on. Duckies take a stroll.After taking the bikes to pick up groceries we went 2 miles in the opposite direction to get sammies for lunch. Mine is called "the good, the bad, and the lawyer". It's oven roasted red peppers, onions, portabello mushrooms and  zucchini with fresh spinach on farmhouse bread. Mr. Crow had some kind of tomato and cheese sammie.  After eating WAY too much we stopped here to browse and digest. The ultimate sadness. . . mold in my pudding. SPERM! Blurry-bun is a little freaked out by all the gallery hop goers. You better believe it, sister. Mr. Mc eats a squid ring. ewww. You can totally tell which maki are mine. Damn those tricky sticks! REFRESCANTE! Sunday morning means brunch with the ladies!Orange juice, (ohmygod) bread, creamy white bean/garlic/roasted read pepper soup, and roasted carrots and pattypan squash in balsamic vinagrette. The Ladies  Neil peruses the Sunday paper. Sam is recyclable. A lone cawboy hat at the mall. Creepiest mannaquins ever. Giant birds overrun the city. Tempeh lesson number one ( for Steve)! First cut up your tempeh how you want it and put it in a pan with about a tablespoon on olive oil. Once the pan heats up to medium, add about a half cup of water. lid it up and steam until the water is gone.I got this curry kit at the grocery store! add the tempeh to carrots and red pepper while following the kit directions.Be sure to be gentle with the tempeh as it falls apart kind of easily. prepare your bowls!  This method can work with any saucy-fry thing.  Do what feels good. "What happened to the cantaloupe," you ask? I pureed 4 cups of it with an equal ammount of peaches and canned it. Peach-Cantaloupe Butter. Mr. Crow says it tastes like honey.


The beginnings of my corn chowder from Vegan With a Vengance. Onions, red pepper, and carrots from the farmers' market.

The finished product. Pepper Squirrel liked it a lot. I browned and added some Gimmie Lean sausage that I had in the fridge as well.  It looked like a lot of Omni versions of corn chowder have it. I don't feel like it added a lot to the finished product but I feel I should mention that I tossed in about 1/2 a teaspoon of smoked paprika and THAT was awesome.


My new addiction. I couldn't even manage to take a picture of them before I shoved them in my face. U-hu. Today's pick-up New best pizza ever! Oven roasted onions, asparagus, zucchini, crook-necked squash, and tomatoes atop the crust recipe from American Vegan Kitchen sprinkled with Daiya and seasoned with Penzy's pizza sprinkle. oh yeah, you know you're sad you missed it.

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