15 January, 2010

Just a Note Since It Has Been a While

Well, With Mr. Crow's schedule change things have been a little different in our little nest. Breakfast is our meal together lately and I've been living out of my most recent cook book acquisition: Vegan Brunch by my most beloved Isa Chandra Moskowitz. So far, I've made the following:

-blueberry muffins
-Added frozen peach chunks and powdered ginger to her scone recipe
-chocolate beer waffles
-added orange peppers, carrots and spinach to her basic breakfast scramble recipe

. . .oh, and I used her marinade for tempeh bacon to season some homemade seitan cubes which, I can only assume, tasted like ham? honestly, though, I haven't eaten ham in over 12 years so it's not like I would know. Regardless, after previously using Isa's recipe for seitan, I cut one hunk of seitan into cubes and browned it in a frying pan. I then mixed up about a third of a recipe of the bacon marinade and tossed it over the seitan until it was absorbed. I literally said, out loud, "I am enchanted by this flavor". Oh yes I did.

Originally, I was going to type out all these recipes to share them, but i realized that I'm not doing the authors of these books any favors by distributing their hard work for free online so, if i can find a link, I'll post it but otherwise you're on your own to buy the book or get it from the library. Speaking of the library, I'm getting 3 cookbooks from there very soon: Vegan Lunchbox, Vegan Yum Yum, and Nonna's Kitchen. I've been stalking Vegan Lunchbox and Vegan Yum Yum online for what feels like forever and I'm so happy to see that their hard work is paying off!

Um, so now I think it's time to mention what you may have already noticed. I am inching towards veganism. . . Really, the only reason I'm "inching" is because I still have vegetarian Monteray jack cheese in my fridge that I can't un-buy and I don't want to waste. I went down a slippery ethical slope of, "If I don't support the beef industry practices how can I buy milk that results in cows that get turned into burgers? How can I eat eggs if male chicks go into garbage bags? Now that is not to say that Holistic Acres (a local farm where our eggs came from) engages in these practices, but it's much easier to simply draw a line than eat eggs only sometimes from some places and have to explain that to people I know. Someday, when I fulfill my dream of having chickens of my own I'll eat eggs again but, until that day, not so much. Really, those who have known me for a while know that this is a return to normalcy and one that I'm quite thankful for. I feel happier, lighter, and more relaxed since the change.

Wow, this "note" seems more like a letter. I'm now going to whet you appetite by mentioning that very soon there will be a vegan conversion of an amazing cake that you won't want to miss!

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