14 December, 2009

Le Menu

Lots of good things start out with a plan. That is not to say that impromptu goodness doesn't exist(the Universe is full of it, after all) but, when you're hungry and a random assortment of aging fruits and ramen noodles is staring back at you balefully from your kitchen counter you kind of wish you'd organized your week better. So, with my college graduation looming in a matter of weeks and a newly "veggefied" partner to feed I feel that we could benefit from a little bit of planning.

So, I have assembled the troops: Major Mixer, General (Electric) Food-Processor, Lieutenant Colonel Immersion-Blender, Captain Bowl, Sargent Whisk et al to aid me in my crusade. Our mission: non-boring vegetarian food, for two, on a budget. We have the maps, the measurement tools, and, so long as the trains are running, the supplies to make it through. We will slog through the jungle of nutritional misinformation with the power of our mental fortitude to forge a bright, delicious new future for us and our people! HUZZAH!

So, now that we've gone over the mission statement, let's continue on with this week's menu briefing. First, Then this website told me to have a potluck. Then Mr. Crow brought home a little treasure for me this week: someone from his work gave him the latest issue of Vegetarian Times which is chock full of inspiring recipes. Thus, the potluck was born of cosmic alignment. On top of that, last Friday was my fiend Blake's birthday and I'm making her a food-gift. Okay, now, with the exposition over, let's get to the heart of the matter:

For the potluck tomorrow I'm making a samosa pie (Vege Times) and an orange-apricot crumble (Vege Times) as well as a tiramisu cheesecake for my dear Blake. The rest of the week will be these recipes in no particular order:

1. slow-cooker Chili

2. Black Bean Burgers

3. The corresponding enchilada recipe from that

4. Spaghetti Squash with tempeh Bolognese (vege times)

Unfortunately for whomever my audience is, last night's dinner was oven roasted brussel sprout medley with nori over rice noodles. That was super-delicious and you can find that recipe in the latest vegetarian Times issue as well.

That's it. We're diving right in with the recipes and the power. There will be a second post today after I find out what Mr. Crow wants for dinner. And, before you ask, yes, there will be pictures.

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