15 December, 2009

Caught Rasterbating!!!

No recipe tonight because it's Tuesday and Tuesday means that Mr. Crow and I go to "our" bar, Hal & Al's and eat Rad Dogs. I ate a Radneck and the stellar bartender helped me into one of my favorite drinks, Purple Haze. Finger lickin' good

Taping down the edges.Sam is helping!Mr. Crow himself.Neil, lord of all he surveys.

Now we're home and Quan Yin is going up on the dining room wall to the tune of 5' x 7'. Epic to say the least. We used a program called Rasterbator to giant-size a picture I found on the Internet. This program turns any picture into a multi-page PDF extravaganza that you can print out and tape to your wall. After three days of struggling with our printer we just put the file on a flash drive and took it to Kinkos where, for about $5.00, they printed out the most glorious 45 pages EVER! We used the double-sided tape that came with our window sealing kits to affix the picture to the wall.
BEHOLD! The finished product!Quan Yin

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