23 July, 2012


Hi. Husband here. Blogging. It's something that almost everyone who's tried has failed at. Stamina, endurance, discipline, cleverness, readership, credibility, and incentives like actual money - these are the things that separate the common John or Jane from the professionals. Unless we're certified and getting paid for it, there's little point in keeping a blog any more.
Social media has changed quite a bit since this little blog was started. Want to know what we're really up to?
Well, if you already know us, just check your Facebook. Our Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, Huffington Post, and now even some of our Reddit activities are automatically loaded on our timelines. It's a cacophony of information and it's unpleasant to navigate, but it's all there, whether we want it there or not.

Instead, why not try out Pinterest? The design is simple and elegant. Want to see what Jane's been cooking, and what she's been dying to try? How about ideas for the home and projects she thinks are cool? They're all pinned. Follow her. Just click this link.

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