20 July, 2011

Home Inspection Etc.

The “Etc.” up there is for the two new headbands I bought!

So, the home inspection was yesterday. It went as expected. It’s an old house. It needs some work. Some of it is more important than other bits.

okey doke. Let’s get started:

So, the basement is damp. It’s damp, apparently, because it’s stone and stone is “like a sponge”. Which means, really, that there’s nothing to do here but level out the floor a bit. . .and kill all the spiders.

The roof over the porch is leaking a small bit so we’ll need to fix that. It’s just a little patch on one side so it shouldn’t be too hard.

The gutters need replacing. This issue is what’s causing a lot of the dampness in the basement. Fix that and it’s two problems for the price of one. I’d really like the kind that you don't have to muck out every season but we’ll see.

The forth thing that it really needs is a new coat of paint. To get that done we’ll need to replace some of the broken shingles around the house. Easy enough, I suppose, but what’s on there right now is asbestos. bummer. Fortunately, Home Depot sells a similar looking product called “concrete fiber” that we’ll use to fix what we need to. This is the big papa project. There are some places in back of the house where it looks like they put in a shorter window and just put a big board over the hole instead of reshingling. *sigh*. Also, there’s a door to the kitchen RIGHT NEXT TO the door to the living room. This looks stupid and we want to cover it over. Of course we need to do all this at the same time:

-take out the door

- rip off the boards

- replace all the damaged shingles

Only then can we paint. Good thing we’re young-ish. . .

So, maybe we’ll get all of this done by winter. . . maybe not. We at least want to get the porch and gutters done for sure. . .paint can wait until spring if it has to. . . but the blue is SO UGLY.

AAAAnyway. Now we wait. The underwriter is working on stuff and then it’s go go go until it’s ours.

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  1. lol at youngish---- all the projects we manhandled ourselves now... i will NEVER do again! But i did it while i was youngish :)