15 July, 2011

Adventures are Time-Consuming!

Who knew?

So, I’m married now. That was great! You can check out the details here.

Now we’re in the process of buying a house! HOLY COW! It’s been a kind of whirlwind, really. On Monday, July 11th, I was browsing Zillow.com on my phone. None of the pictures were loading. The map said there was a house in Clintonville that just happened to be in our price range! I got a “feeling”, you know. . . so I sent an email to Mr. Crow to have him check it out. He immediately sent a message to our realtor who, being amazing, was able to show us the house Tuesday at noon. . . we signed our papers at the Taco Bell down the street immediately after that.

Offer, counter offer and here we are, 4 days later waiting for an inspector to check the house out for us (This upcoming Tuesday) and then, barring any major issues, we’ll sign and the house is OURS!

That’s an adventure if ever I heard one.

The current pictures online don’t really do the old girl justice so I’m just going to wait and take my own. We’re also planning on doing a little work to the house right off the bat so there’ll be pictures of that coming up at the same time.


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