06 September, 2010

White Light, White Heat :: White Carrots, White Green Beans

So, yeah, I made dinner tonight and the veggies were white and the rice was green. Weird, hu?

rice so creamy and veggies so sweet and spicy! Yeay!

I wasn’t feeling very well tonight so I just kind of threw some stuff in a pan and called it dinner. I had an avocado, carrots from last week and beans that needed to be eaten and I had no idea what to do with such a strange mixture of ingredients. so I looked at a bunch of recipes. . .

String Beans with Garlic

garlic green beans

spicy garlic green beans

. . . And while I was browsing I saw a recipe for Green Goddess Rice which I thought was a good idea. Then I found a recipe for Asian glazed Carrots that I thought sounded good but I don’t have a grill and I didn’t want to wait for them to marinate for 30 minutes since the rice was already done cooking. (obviously not my most “together” night in the kitchen)

So i used the “marinade” for the carrots and, after blanching the carrots and beans for about 5 minutes, I sautéed them in the sauce until  they were caramelized and delicious. Oh, and I was inspired to add some red pepper flake from the spicy garlic green bean recipe.

Also, last night I had Mr. & Mrs. Mc over and we ate KITSUNE UDON!

I must be a fox 'cause I like fried tofu!


vegan dashi

kitsune udon

Make it. It’s good.

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