21 September, 2010

I Won The Quick Fire Challenge

I get immunity in the next round! Yeay!

Last night we decided to go to Jeni’s. We finished brewing beer around 9:45 and we thought we should eat dinner before heading out for dessert. I had less than an hour to make and eat dinner and get to Jeni’s early enough not to be that person.

I had dinner on the table by 10:02. oh yeah.

more tomato!

Brown rice pasta springs with golden garlic chickpeas, home made tomato sauce and sundried tomatoes. it was delicious!

As far as the past two weeks and the goings-on therein, i must turn to the pictures I’d taken to jog my memory. Who can remember so far back in time?!

So, Let’s see. . . First is last week’s farm share. I got overzealous and took the picture minus the carrots. . . but I DID get carrots too.

apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers, sweet and regular potatoes, and corn

We’ve taken to going to Knead after picking up out fruit and veg. check out what we ate:

roasted golden beet salad with toast and olive tapenade

Some kind of fritatta that Joel ate

We do so enjoy our Saturday mornings.

At some point during last week I got overwhelmed by the amount of plums I still had in my fridge. So, upon deciding to make plum sauce to feed my obsession with fried Chinese stuff I washed 4 pounds of plums. see:


I now have 4 pints of plum sauce! yeay! Now all I need to do is make a MASSIVE amount of eggrolls.

Also part of the plum-fest was this plum kuchen. Here’s the top":

Mr. Crow made this cake!

And here it is flipped over:


It would have been better but I used gluten free APF and it turned out chewier than we’d like. Ahh well. win some lose some.

Let’s see. . .what’s next. . .

Mr. Crow Made these too


watermelon, apples, corn, peppers, potatoes, haricotes verts

Here’s out most recent pick up. We’re planning to use the peppers tomorrow: stay tuned.

We went to Knead again, too:

French toast wityh spiced apples that smelled for all the world like apple pie.

vegan sloppy joe and lentil salad. This meal totally rocked. 

Here’s a carrot and red lentil soup with some spicy Indian flavor that we made on Sunday for lunch. We stirred in some sour cream to mellow it out and it was really nice.

This was great.

And, for those of you who were paying attention, here’s some pictures of our beer making adventure:

Tonight, Mr. Crow made some new kind of Pho it was spicy and had ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon and stuff in the broth.


I’m never leaving the blog this long again. Sheesh.

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