14 May, 2010

Back up to Speed

Mr Crow and I have moved apartments. This one is up on the third floor and makes me feel like I live in a tree house. Hooray for sunlight! We’ve got the place almost entirely together and it feels like home already. . . mainly because it’s a lot like our previous home. . . . but it’s got a better lay out, it’s sunnier, and it has an “extra” room.

Needless to say, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking lately, but I did manage to snap a couple photos of a couple things. First up is a little cabbage-tofu stirfry from The student’s Vegetarian Cookbook. I have an older version of this little guy so if my recipe isn’t in here, I’m sorry. But, cheer up, here’s a picture:

it's pretty! Well, kind of. . .

Then it was my birthday and Mr. Mc. and I baked brownies! YUM! I can’t remember where we found the recipe. . . mainly because we combined about 3 to make them along with our own special flair in the kitchen so all you get is a picture today. Ah, well.

Yesterday, my mom came to visit bringing with her birthday/graduation presents from my family. SHE BROUGHT ME SOMETHING SO COOL!!! They’re these little spice grinders full of sugar and herbs and things in 7 different flavors for the 7 deadly sins! HAH! I love it. check it out:

So many to choose from! Which sin is your favorite?

Today, things are back to (relatively) normal. We went grocery shopping yesterday and i had a coupon for Nayonaise. So, i bought a little jar and made some dressing. I bet you can’t guess what kind. Here, I’ll give you a hint:

oh man, this is sooo good.

So, I checked out this recipe and read the comments, then I went here to look at a “real” recipe for homemade ranch dressing for reference and this is what I came up with:

one small jar (14oz) Nayonaise

1t garlic powder

1t onion powder

1t dry parsley

.5t black pepper

.5t dill

about .25 - .5t oregano

and .25 - .5t smoked paprika

Whisk. Pour on everything.

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