12 December, 2010

Miss me?


That’s okay.

Even I don’t know what I’ve been doing since I made lasagna!

The cider is still in the carboy fermenting away. We’re about to bottle in in the next couple days.

ummm. . . .

So, not a lot of food happening in my life right now but defiantly a lot of adventure. I’m in the process of planning my wedding. It’s set to take place in Las Vegas (who’d’ve thought?) in June 16th, 2011. It’s really been a furious rush to get everything planed while I still have time to breathe. . . . and before any other forward-thinking, type-A bride gets there before me.

No way, sister! I’ve got the location, hotel reservations, photographer, reception site, menu plan . . . .Yeah.

I’m waiting for my dress to come in along with a brooch I ordered from Ebay and then it’s down to the sundry items like welcome bags for our guests, favors, ribbon for my shoes, and music. We’re doing that ourselves.

Oh, and invitations. I’m working on that too. I’ve got a super secret plan that I might not be able to pull of in time. . . More on that later.

I’ve become part of a really neat online community called Offbeat Bride. These ladies are amazing. I’ve been so incredibly impressed with their creativity and kindness I can hardly believe it.

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of the way but, somehow, I feel like I’ve got so much left to do.


I’m making my mom a sweet scarf for Christmas! I saw pictures of a beaded scarf online that I liked but I had to pay for the pattern. Yeah right! So I found as many pictures as I could find and attempted to figure it out myself. (The only logical option!)

So, from the pictures it seemed that the scarf was knit up in a garter stitch with little pyramids of beads at each end, thusly:


This is just one example of the NUMEROUS photos I found online. I wasn’t especially thrilled with the garter stitch option because the one I’m making is of a more dressy yarn and I wanted it to have more visual interest than just wiggly lines. I opted for a seed stitch instead and I’m really happy with the look. Because of the stitch pattern it also changed the way the beads look as well. instead of the solid looking lines of beads running the length of the scarf, every other bead is hidden by the stitch pattern. Finally, I used a much smaller bead. On a sport weight yarn I chose a size 8 bead which is about the smallest bead I could fit on.

YARN PORN! (Watch out now!):

Far away for the full effect.

this is my favorite shot!

closer still!

seed stitch. looks hard. It's not.

So there you have it.

Want some directions?

You will need:

1 hank (100 g) sport weight yarn
3 colors (or whatever) seed beads, size 8, 20g each
Size 6 needles

Slide 40 beads close to the end of your yarn.

place your slipknot for a long-tail cast on after those beads and cast on 5 stitches.

Slide 10 beads from the tail and 10 beads from the main yarn up and cast on a stitch to hold them in place. cast on 4 more for a total of 5 stitches. bring up 10 more beads from each side. Cast on 5 more stitches and repeat until you have 4 sets of beads and 5 sets of 5 stitches each. For the second row, follow the pattern:
k,p,k,p,k, place 10 beads, k,p,k,p,k, place 10 beads, k,p,k,p,k, place 10 beads, k,p,k,p,k, place 10 beads, k,p,k,p,k

you should be at the end of the row now. Flip your work over.

Follow the pattern again, placing 9 beads instead of 10. Decrease the number of beads by 1 each row until there is only 1 bead left per set.

The pattern should be as follows:

Um, so, I haven't figured out how to take it off the needles, yet. I'm sure I'll figure it out, though. (nervous laughter)

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