09 February, 2010

Asian-Themed Potluck (and, also, I’m A Liar)

But I had the best intentions. I meant to take a ton of pictures, I really did but in the hustle and the bustle of everyone arriving and running out of soy sauce at the last minute, it really just slipped my mind.  So, instead of my pictures (which are amateur at best) I’m going to post the links to the recipes I used and you can ogle their pictures instead. Someday, I swear, I’ll get the hang of remembering to take pictures. Regardless, on with the show!

You really wish you had been there. Trust me. I had the GREATEST meal I’ve had in a very long time with some of the greatest folks I know. We spent Super Bowl Sunday eating foods from Eastern Asia and playing DDR. Yes we did. The cast included some old favorites The M.s and The Mc.s. The C.s were missing because of a Super Bowl engagement but we managed as best we could. Some new characters Showed up as well: my brother managed to make it as well as Miss B and Mr. Sp.

Not that this matters at all, but I’m going to use their names again in a moment and say what they made so I figures it was fine to establish a cast at the outset. Also, I feel I should mention that the use of the first initial only seemed to me a neat contrivance to protect the identity of “mes amis” from the prying eyes of creepy government types but, then I realized that the blog is connected to my email address, which is my last name, and therefore destroys any semblance of privacy. DAMN YOU BIG BROTHER!!!

Perhaps all that fruit went to my head.

My offering for the evening included a soup, starter, and dessert. I took this recipe for hot and sour soup and made it vegetarian by substituting seitan for the barbequed pork. I say “vegetarian” because I did use an egg from my friend Mrs. K’s mother’s chickens and I don’t feel bad about it at all. Next was this gyoza recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. I made them the night before and, although a bit soft the next day, turn out great! I added carrot shreds and bamboo shoots (I had some left from the soup) while also halving the smoked paprika and making up the difference with 5 Spice powder. The group of us finished all 45 on top of everything else that was brought. Amazing. For dessert I made Thai coconut mango rice. I dearly love this dessert and I’m so very glad it came out alright. The recipe called for Thai sweet rice and all I had was sushi rice. I decided to wing it and added a little extra sugar to the coconut sauce. It came out great and, unbelievably, was eaten all up too.

So with that out of the way, I get to move on with the really exciting thing about the potluck: what everyone else made!

-The M.s brought Inari. I love Inari. Not only that but Mr. M. has spent a great deal of time perfecting his sushi rice and it is a true delight.

-Mr. Sp. brought the greatest green beans I’ve ever had. Apparently, he blanched them and then cooked them in garlic oil. He also brought some carrots but I missed out on those.

-Miss B. brought some incredible peanut noodles with red peppers and snap peas.

- My brother brought vegan General Tso’s Chicken and sesame noodles from Whole Foods.

-The Mc.s, though. Oh those Mc.s. They brought something I’ve never had before in my life but, if I was made to eat it every day I wouldn’t complain. Are you ready? Yeah? Okay. They made fruit sushi. Fruit sushi! Okay, it was a maki style roll and now let me try to remember what all was in them. There was mango, pear,a little cream cheese, and pecans I think. I want more and I want it right now.

After eating all that my belly felt HUGE but I didn’t mind.

As a side note, I feel I should share this link for mushroom “bacon”. It’s really quite good. I made some mashed cauliflower with taco seasoning and I sprinkled these on top. Yum!

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